Frequently Asked Questions

We began Disney Construction Company in 1982 and have been a General Contractor and Residential Builder since 1984.
You will know after meeting with and seeing first hand the Quality, Experience, and Detail Disney Custom Homes will be at the top of your list. We encourage you to read our reviews and testimonies and recognize that our affiliations speak for themselves. We have served along side the Greater Greensboro Builders Association in various positions and are a member of good standing. Our 33 years as a respected General Contractor in the Triad have gained a trusted name being established as Disney Construction Company.
There are many factors that go into home cost. We like to provide homebuyer with a contract price that takes into consideration lot price, design of home, one or two story, basement or crawl and allowances that reflect your design elements. All of this factors into the price per square foot. We will do an itemized take off and provide a detailed contract that paints a picture of your homes detail.
We currently are building in several neighborhoods as a Builder Team Member and have inventory of lots. Our tagline Design and Built Just for You! - states we are happy to build wherever you want to be. So we are open to build on scattered lot or outside these communities we will assist with lot availability
Yes, Disney Custom Homes has tailored our services to take one of our plans , or yours, and build on your lot. In addition, we will assist you in making any changes to enhance home to suit your needs. Lot size is a determining factor in which design is right for you.
Our initial meeting will help us to determine many things such as style, location, price category that is suitable for your particular lifestyle and/or family. We off this consultation at our home office at a time convenient for you.
Depending of time of year and design of home start to finish may vary. We generally state six months from time of permit and construction loan closing. It start is during winter months and basement delays can be expected during the beginning stages of construction. Here are some basis requirements before construction can begin:
  • Lot and/or Loan Closing and required down payment with signed contract.
  • If necessary Sub-division Architectural Review and approval.
  • Permits from local building and health departments.
  • Site plan and approval of house location.
Typically, a custom home built on a lot which you own is financed through a construction loan. We are not a mortgage lender, however we do have established relationships with banks and mortgage brokers who can assist you in arranging financing. Or you can arrange with your own financial representatives. The construction loan package contains agreement by lender to pay Disney Construction Company on a schedule basis as work progresses on your home. We will notify lender each month to schedule Draw inspection. Your lender will send inspector to the site to verify work completed to date, and then wire funds into our business account each month based on % of completion.
We have a selection of stock plans and also have spec homes at various stages allowing you to see Quality, Experience, and Detail that goes into every Disney Custom Home. We are affiliated with Frank Betz and Donald Gardner and also have local architects and draftsmen who can customize the design for your home.
Disney Custom Homes will work one on one with you and our professional team of suppliers and subcontractors in the design development phase. We will focus on areas of design and budget most important to you. Examples, design and quotation to develop your kitchen and dining space, the necessary time will be devoted to this area. We will work together on pre-selections and quotations to establish your confidence and comfort in the design and selections to make your home Designed and Built Just For You!
We will set up appointment with our many long standing subcontractors and vendors who are professional and skilled in their trade to offer guidance and work to keep you in budget. You will be accompanied to these appointment as needed. In addition, we can recommend a home designer who we have established a relationship to assist with those selections beyond cabinets, tile and carpet such as paint color and exterior color schemes. They can also assist you with accessories and furnishings purchase and placement once you are ready to move into your new home. See
You may find some items such as fixtures or materials less expensive at one of the home improvement discount stores. Few vendors order enough parts from manufacturer to receive the pricing break of national chains. But keep in mind that those prices do not necessarily include all the items necessary for installation of that particular fixture or component. Additionally, they do not include the builder’s risk, administrative tasks, scheduling, coordination with other trades, delivery, etc. Along with that and more importantly, our suppliers expertise in sizing and product design will ensure that the final overall satisfaction and quality of your home.
We will have a schedule for client selections, which it connected to the Phases of Construction schedule of your home. We know that you time it valuable and we maximize the appointments grouped together to simplify the process. This helps to seamlessly integrate the process of building your Disney Custom Home. In addition, we will put together for your use Portfolios as offered and overall selection sheet for your use.
Changes will be handled through email confirmation and acceptance. Any additions to the contract or overages on allowances will be summarized in updates and progress payments by your lender. Final Invoicing will have line item changes stated.
We pride ourselves in being “hands-on” builder. You will see us on site almost daily most often not just stopping in to check on progress of construction but working to provide the Quality, Experience, and Detail to every home Disney Custom Home.
We will schedule a final walk through prior to closing and move in date. This allows for clients to prepare a Homeowner Walkthrough Inspection List which we will use to prepare home for closing and move in.
You will notify all utility companies prior to your occupancy, to have service establishes and/or transferred to your name date of settlement. The name and telephone numbers of the appropriate companies will be provided to you. You will also need to contact your lender for any final requirements they need. Your lender should also provide you with instruction on what they need regarding Homeowners Insurance listing them on policy as they advise.
All of our homes come with one year builder’s warranty. We can also offer an extended New Home Warranty Protection through RWC Residential Warranty Company, LLC. We like to ask homebuyers to settle into their new home and email us 30 Day Punch List of items that may need some attention. We provide a list of our subcontractors and their contacts to keep on hand for future reference along with list of selection and products for reference. We handle scheduling of one year punch list and you will find our personal attention and accompaniment in resolving and items that are in need of attention.